NANJING JINJIAHUI INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY CO.,LTD is a printing technology research and development civilian enterprises in China.We have 5 million registered capital. THE company address is at Nanjing,the leading product is printing equipment ,printing ink and CTP machine.

The company has excellent scientific research personnel in China Through advanced equipment and good scientific research environment, is committed to the healthy, non-toxic green environmental protection product development.Now,currently free to deal with CTP, flexible resin version, soybean oil, water and other important environmental factors in the company's is products gradually reflected in the series.Plate with thermal CTCP and CTP is based camp.The ability to develop a series of Photosensitive coating based products.Our products were commissioned by the major factories in China processing and manufacturing.We can customized according to customer demand for all types of products.The company serves its clients with professional and precise attitudes.


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