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Color pattern is not uniform

Caused uneven mainly because of prints color and paint on the blade too low, a rubber spatula angled blunt, uneven blade and other causes. For example: (1), printing operations, scraper running speed and pressure inconsistent or pulp, make the pattern more or less the amount of pulp, pulp fabric, the more the pattern color darker. Therefore, the printing operation to control the blade speed and pressure, velocity and pressure fit, ensure sufficient printing volume uniform. (2) running scraper beat or slightly raised, layout pattern parts residual color through the mesh to fabric, causing deep horizontal-like color. To observe and adjust scraper to ensure it runs smoothly, no plate residue paste. (3), the rubber scraper blade warp, and squeegee pressure and quantity is uneven, a regular to the patterns on the fabric, inconsistent vertical color shades, check that the scraper blade is badly worn or deformed, repair or replace the blade. (4) printing local part, or printing pages relatively far from the printed fabric on the stage, talking about the lack of color can also make patterns to pulp, check the blade and plate size, ensure sufficient ink.