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Thermal transfer printing inks how to preserve the good

1, maintain the storage environment temperature stability, avoid sources of ignition and heat to prevent affecting the performance of thermal transfer printing ink. 2, if the temperature of the warehouse is kept constant, similar to the need to ensure that the temperature of the printing shop, or the printing effect will affect (the recommended storage temperature is 25 degrees Celsius). If the larger temperature difference between the two, should move to heat transfer printing ink printing workshop, to adapt inks to the stability of the environment, safeguard the stability of inks in printing performance, improving production efficiency. 3, for some regions with low temperatures, ink may not be deposited outdoors to prevent gelling. If gel ink, available hot water or high temperature places, ink and normal shape. Throughout the storage and management of 4, in ink, should be "first in, first out". Sure to buy ink use, to avoid ink store takes too long to affect the results. 5, thermal transfer printing inks also have shelf life. If stored for too long will cause the ink to separate, precipitation occurs. So the ink does not preserve general store for 1 year.