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A Brief Talk On Printing Plate

             Like the part of the text should be coated with a layer of Arabic gum, to prevent printing plate in the process of dirty and suites in the printing, protection version of the work is simple, but the actual operation should also pay attention to the following two main aspects:

             (1) After cleaning, with rubber scraper or sponge gently wipe the surface of excess moisture can be glue. Apply the cotton towel or sponge dipped to the appropriate amount of protective glue in the layout of the two-direction wipe, so that uniform thin can be used (coating too thick and easy to peel off, too thin or uneven not to protect). (2) Wipe glue finished will be placed on the table to dry (can be used in summer fans, the winter with far infrared, then the son storage use, the condition can be used to bake a better version).Printing Plate

              After the use of gasoline or ink cleaning agent, clean cream, such as cleaning the surface of the ink, so that it exposed "primary colors" and then glue. Print work in addition to paying attention to the above three basic links, but also to understand the daily protection of the closely related, school version of common sense.

The manuscript sample is checked and proofread, mainly includes: ① Draft sample size specification; ② version core size, ③ layout "+" Word line and "" "line is coincident, ④ network cable is clear, ⑤ on the back of the film without scratches and so on (if necessary with opaque sticky tape or drawing pen, add pen, to the page to repair).

Layout should have "+" and "" center line, which is the basic standard version of the logo; ③ plates are usually labeled Y, M. C, K (respectively, representing yellow, red, blue, black) four kinds of basic marks, and the layout is directly above the -10%~100% network cable to indicate the color bar, to show the network cable sparse and dense with the main pattern of control.Printing Plate

              PS version should avoid moisture and high temperature, recommended storage conditions for 10℃~30℃, relative humidity is not greater than 65%, otherwise the suites easy to alkali damage PS version; ② should keep clean and dust-free, prevent sunshine straight sun; ③ for reusable printing plate storage should pay attention to the layout of the opposite, at the same time, the best in the middle of the paper liner separated; ④ in the printing such as dirty spots, scratches and other phenomena, can be stopped in the layout of the PS clean version of the liquid and in the water bucket to add a small fountain solution, In order to improve the printing plate resistance to good printing quality.Printing Plate