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Acrylic Bubble-free Paste Technology Of Processing Products

1, and has acrylic Board in by stick received agent of erosion Shi will left to clear of traces, so, can with posted self-adhesive of method to protection not needed stick to of parts; 2, and indoor humidity, and temperature, will on acrylic products of stick received caused directly of effect; 3, and acrylic products with stick received agent bond into of in failed to completely curing Qian, by too Sun of directly long time irradiation will makes acrylic products occurred different degree of yellow variable, will serious effect acrylic products of beautiful; 4, and Directly of briefing makes stick section of edge for stick received agent of fast volatile and white; 5, and oil, and dust or bubble hole will hamper stick received agent of uniform smear and left bubble, can with cleaning of method be clear; 6, and too few of using stick received agent will makes was stick surface cannot completely coated slow, or in stick received agent curing contraction Shi with into air and effect beautiful; 7, and acrylic processing board surface of stress and for cutting tool by caused of surface stress and degradation real will effect acrylic Board of stick received effect