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Analysis Of The Causes Of Discoloration Of Printing Ink

    Thermal discoloration ink refers to a certain external heat conditions, the color will change. It can be divided into two categories: one is plastic type, that is, heat-changing heat source once removed, ink color can be restored to the original; According to customer's request, make special pattern or logo version, print to the concealed place of the packing, or any designated position with hot color printing ink.Printing Ink

    When verifying the authenticity of the commodity, using a certain temperature of the heat source, such as lighters, matches, poured into the cup of boiling water, hot hair dryer, such as baking, signal parts immediately produce a significant color changes, hidden signs also appear successively, can quickly distinguish the authenticity of goods.Printing Ink

    Photochromic Ink photochromic ink can be divided into two categories: a class that is ordinary type, refers to the ordinary sunlight and strong lighting, the ink color changes, from deep to shallow or shallow to deep, colored into colorless, or colorless to colored. Leave the light source will restore the original, this ink in the packaging application can not only improve the grade of goods, increase interest, highlighting the role of anti-counterfeiting. At the same time in the printing can be in the shading with ordinary ink printing "false invalid" and so on after the words covered with color ink, so that its hidden.Printing Ink

    Another category that is UV, refers to the ink in the ordinary light irradiation under the colorless or not change, but ultraviolet irradiation will appear bright red, orange, yellow green and green fluorescence. Like our renminbi are used in this ink printing, in the role of the banknote detector can show authenticity.Printing Ink