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Analysis Of The Properties Of UV Curing Ink And Varnish

Ink curing time is very short, generally only 1/10 seconds can be completely dry solid on the substrate surface, on the traditional hot-solid inks and leaflets offset ink, drying time may take several minutes, or even a few days to thoroughly dry, so the energy curing ink printing offset printing live pieces, short delivery time, to be able with flexo printing, Gravure printing is comparable, and greatly improve the production efficiency of offset printing.UV Curing Ink And Varnish

UV printing ink after the UV glazing machine processing, the printed matter to obtain a high gloss, and uniform surface evenness. Another machine after glazing, can make die-cutting, indentation, glue and bronzing packaging processing technology can be completed immediately. With energy curing ink printing printed, has a strong resistance. Because the chemical substances in the ink through the cross-linking reaction to form a polymer three-dimensional mesh polymer, ink surface has a strong chemical resistance and friction resistance.UV Curing Ink And Varnish Energy-curable inks on human skin irritation is increasingly small, and gasoline fractions of ordinary ink irritation almost. Of course, energy-curable inks/glazing paint also have some drawbacks. Some need NBR cots or EPDM cots. Offset printing may also need a special blanket, blanket may also need a special cleaning agent to prevent excessive shrinkage, expansion or reduction of the quality of blanket.UV Curing Ink And Varnish

Second, it costs more than traditional inks. However, the high cost is worth more than the final print performance. In addition, a one-time input of energy-curing equipment requires a certain amount of money. Now UV curing equipment, UV lamp, EB curing equipment prices have steadily declined, especially the EB curing equipment price drop most obvious, compared with a decade ago, EB curing equipment cost reduced by four times times. The price of UV curing equipment has also fallen steadily over the past few years, and there are plenty of reasons to believe that the price of energy-curing equipment will continue to fall in the next few years.UV Curing Ink And Varnish