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Application Of CTP Plate In Printing Industry

CTP system broke through the original phototypesetting workflow process, embodies the RIP of a variety of high-tech requirements, summarized as follows: trapping white. RIP and the corresponding trap with the software together, can solve the color printing in a quasi-quasi-problem. Fight big board. CTP Plate

The vast majority of the plate-making machine plate format are above, must be used in advance with the big version of the software and RIP together with the layout and binding requirements of the publication of a single page group into a large version of the book, so in the direct plate mechanism Out of the entire plate, can be installed printing.CTP Plate

Last minute modified. In order to avoid re-RIP processing of the entire version, the modern RIP allows only to modify the page after the processing, and no need to have the same on the same page. Fight all big pages of all other pages to do repetitive RIP processing. The same token, the entire version of the big version is still missing the last late page, you can first deal with the other pages without having to wait for this page, this page can be processed after the rest of the page, at the last moment to switch in again deal with.CTP Plate

RIP once, output multiple times. The CTP system must use digital prepress proofing because it does not use film. And digital prepress proofing and final product output, such as the use of their own rips, often appear proofing proofs.CTP Plate

CTP technology as a bright spot in the printing industry and a hot spot, has attracted many people in the industry's attention and recognition, with the CTP technology is more mature and perfect, and the widespread use and popularization of CTP, which will greatly promote and promote the printing Industry development.CTP Plate

CTP technology in foreign applications earlier, and now more popular. Domestic CTP has been more than ten years time, due to many factors (mainly cost and technical factors), not universal use. In recent years, with the further maturity and improvement of CTP technology, with the CTP equipment prices, CTP plate of the localization, as well as the extensive publicity CTP and the majority of users of the CTP recognition, CTP has emerged thriving new situation.CTP Plate