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Characteristics Of Acrylic Sheets

1. the tolerances for thickness of acrylic: acrylic sheet tolerances for thickness of acrylic, acrylic tolerance of control is the embodiment of quality management and production techniques. Acrylic of production are has a international standards ISO7823 pouring Board of tolerance requirements: tolerance = ± (0.4 + 0.1 x thickness) extrusion Board of tolerance requirements: tolerance =< 3 mm thickness: ± 10%> 3 mm thickness: ± 5% 3. transparency/whiteness: strictly of raw materials distribution selected, and advanced of formula followed up and modern of production process making, ensure plate very better of transparency and white degrees. Flame polishing crystal. 2. hardness: hardness can best embody the cast acrylic sheets, production and technical parameter, is an important part of quality control. PMMA hardness can reflect the raw material purity, sheet metal weatherproof and heat resistant properties, and so on. Hardness affects whether the sheet shrinks bending deformation, chapped surface occurs when processing and so on. Hardness is one of the evaluation quality acrylic plate hard targets, Darryl Vickers hardness values on average 89 degrees.