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Classification Of The Industry Status And Ways Of Printing Plate

             Speaking of the type and knowledge of printing, as well as the encyclopedia of the rich and profound, and daily new knowledge to be published, from tradition to modernization, from modernization to technology, the speed of this progress is really staggering, in addition to progress, in the machine before the operation of practical professional technicians are also the success of the product, so a perfect finished product is after many people's efforts and years of accumulated experience well-built.Printing Plate

              At present, the whole printing market is developing rapidly, and more and more printers are involved in this industry, and the printing factories and business staff are springing up. At present, the entire printing industry, by the printing plant and business personnel, both are a variety of independent groups. There are few business people, or several other business personnel, in the general printing plant. And many business personnel, we see in the market as a whole printing business personnel more is a kind of intermediary, they received live, generally find the appropriate manufacturers to print. Generally a printing factory relies on a group of such salesmen to support, while a salesman relies on several printing plants to feed. There is a relationship between each other that is not able to leave. This is the actual mode of operation of the printing industry. In addition the competition of the Internet is also very intense, Baidu's bid rankings and keyword optimization sell very hot, many printing companies through the network live, so do sit-by-type marketing. This is the current business marketing model of the entire printing industry.Printing Plate

            Lithographic printing: such as four-color machine, two-color machine, monochrome machine, fast printing presses and so on. Letterpress printing: such as business card machine (resin version), type printing, zinc letterpress, set number words. Gravure printing: such as instant noodles, glass bag printing, biscuits, such as aluminum foil bag packaging. Hole version printing: such as screen printing, circuit board printing, cloth flower printing, canned printing, Ming version of printing, local glazing, etc.Printing Plate