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Corrugated Board Industry

1. insulating panels, mainly substitute for corrugated cardboard, wood, sheet metal and other ideal environmental material; 2. Turnover boxes, parts and containers, food containers, beverage containers, pesticides package, inner packing of precision instruments, electronic components packing pads, partitions and storage crates for transport; 3. Board for industrial use, all package items objects protection, base plates, racks, shelves, bottom panel, cross, 4. Electronics packaging. Conductive packaging products mainly used in the packaging of electronic components, the goal is to avoid other charge items contact, resulting in parts due to friction spark damage charge. There are also conductive, antistatic plastic sheeting, containers, etc; 5. Advertising and decorating: reveal cards product signs and billboards, light boxes, Windows Forms; 6. Home use: residential temporary partitions, wall boards, ceiling panels, cover the container 7. Others, such as washing machines, cars, water heaters, baby back, packaging storage transportation pallet and so on.