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CTP Plate Making Technology And Material Requirements

The use of CTP technology more and more enterprises, technology has been more mature. Throughout our country's printing market, CTP still has a lot of development space, so the major printing equipment, materials suppliers also China's market as a huge opportunity. CTP Plate Suppliers Likewise, the current domestic market can see almost all the world-renowned brands CTP plate. At the same time, domestic enterprises such as the second film factory in recent years also developed a proprietary intellectual property rights CTP plate, CTP plate market is flowers.CTP Plate

However, multi-brand technology has brought printing enterprises a difficult choice of happiness, how to choose a reasonable plate to become an important issue, usually to consider economic factors, technical factors and other factors. As the economic factors of various enterprises can not be generalize, so in this will be the majority of printing enterprises CTP plate analysis of technical evaluation indicators, hope to provide help for enterprises to buy.CTP Plate Dot is the basis of printing and copying information, which has a very important position in printing. Printing plate dot quality will directly affect the quality of the print dot, and then affect the entire printing process of duplication, so the first step to control the dot, is to choose a good site reproducibility plate. The measurement of the Web site reproducibility is mainly the following aspects.CTP Plate The traditional CTF process is the computer directly output film, and then according to film through the print machine drying PS version. In this process, due to the printing plate exposure when there is a bottom diffusion phenomenon, so the drying of outlets will have a certain degree of loss. At the same time, the traditional PS plate developer tolerance Small, development time slightly longer, 2% of the dot will be lost, the development of a short time will be developed, resulting in dirty. Therefore in the process of drying the printing plate in a certain proportion of the reduction.CTP Plate