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CTP Plate Of The Material And Properties

      CTP version of the same material and PS version, is the aluminum version, but the CTP version for the aluminum base of higher requirements, a brief description of the following: CTP version of the basic concept of aluminum version is clean, smooth, no cracks, corrosion pits, points, ventilation holes, scratches, broken wounds, prints, peeling, pine-shaped patterns, oil marks and other ills, the surface does not allow non-metallic indentation and adhesion, transverse skin, transverse lines and other defects, not allowed to have a slight chromatic aberration, light bar and other problems, can not have a bulge, lotus leaf edge phenomenon.CTP Plate
      CTP Plate-making technology is divided into: photosensitive CTP Plate-making technology and thermal CTP plate-making technology. wherein the PHOTOSENSITIVE system CTP plate includes silver salt diffusion-type plate, high sensitivity resin plate and silver salt/ps version of composite plate; the thermal system CTP plate includes hot crosslinking plate, thermal ablation plate and heat transfer plate. Thermal CTP Plate-making technology is currently the most mature, most stable, the best Seihan technology. The silver halide CTP plate mainly includes the silver Salt diffusion transfer version and the Silver Salt and the PS version compound plate type material two kinds.CTP Plate
      The characteristics of optical polymerization CTP plate (1) light polymerization CTP plate photoptic layer is very thin, the text part and the blank part basically on the same plane, belong to the traditional offset printing type. (2) optical polymerization CTP plate can be selected by Violet Laser diode (410nm), Argon ion Laser (488nm), Fdyag Laser (532nm), infrared laser diode (830nm) and other different plates photosensitive light source. CTP Plate
      Can not operate in the clear room! In a broad sense, refers to plates in the direct plate-making equipment exposure imaging, do not need any subsequent processing process, can be on machine printing, of course, no need for chemical development, flushing, and so on, is the true meaning of the free processing plate; In a narrow sense, refers to the plate in the direct plate-making machine after exposure imaging does not need chemical development treatment, but there will still be individual non-chemical treatment processes, such as plate ablation scrap removal, coating protection and other processing work.CTP Plate