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CTP Plate Using The Matters Needing Attention

Considerations for using CTP boards

CTP plate using the yin-chart exposure mode, before the official use, must be in the original CTP equipment to adjust and test the laser energy, to find out suitable for CTP plate exposure curves, to complete the use of the CTP board parameters setting.

CTP Plate There are some differences between the CTP plate and the normal CTP plate. CTP Printing plate After the completion of the version, need to be fully infiltrated through the fountain solution (water roller idling around 10 laps), after the pressure of the use of the version of the paper to take the non-inking area of the glue layer, and finally complete "developer".

This is a simple process, subversion of the traditional process, free from the traditional Seihan process of a variety of wastes, such as developer fluids, flushing Water and Seihan in the process of chemical reactions arising from the various polluting gases, so as to achieve environmental protection purposes.

Special attention should be paid to the following:

1. CTP Plate Exposure time

Try not to expose CTP plates for long periods of daylight. If the exposure is unavoidable, the exposure time in daylight cannot exceed 1 hours for a printed version of the completed publishing. Therefore, Seihan is best to use instant production, that is, the first half an hour or so on the machine to arrange CTP plates of publishing.

2. CTP Plate Storage

After a period of time, my company summed up some of the CTP plates of storage methods. First, for the CTP plate to make a special wooden box, inside the wooden case painted non-reflective paint, cover the embedded lid to avoid light. The second is the original storage CTP plates of the carton to make a simple transformation: in the opening of the carton with a sticky opaque double black paper (the original carton has). Both methods can make the publishing after a timely failure to the CTP plate storage for 2-3 days.

3. CTP Plate Edition

In the CTP plate publishing and on the machine version of the process, as far as possible to avoid hand grasping, because it is easy to make the printing plate surface adhesion fingerprint imprinted, so take the best with gloves.

4. CTP Plate Change edition

Printing long version of live, if there is a dot loss in the process of development or paste version need to change version, the CTP plates are obviously inadequate. Because it is relying on the fountain liquid and ink roller to develop, at this time the version is likely to cause non-inking area with large area dirty (water roller ink), which is difficult to deal with, will cause some loss and inconvenience. So pay special attention.

5. CTP Plate Operating Habits

The general CTP plate after the development, punching version, the process of glue, can be directly loaded version. But the CTP board need to pass the water Roller Run edition, the first water roller, run version 2-3 minutes (run time will affect the excess of the removal rate of glue layer, to find out the best data through the machine), and then rely on the ink roller, the emulsion has shifted the glue layer to the version of the paper, thus completing the development.

CTP Plate This mode of operation changed the original operation habits of the printing operators, this transitional period will often encounter some difficulties, but we can through day-to-day publicity training, to enhance the awareness of environmental protection and the long-term survival and development of enterprises, advocate employees in the printing process consciously abide by the relevant requirements of green printing, by simplifying, improving and perfecting the operation procedures, reduce the new process, the operation of the new technology difficult, shortening the actual production of the run-in period.