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CTP Plates In Domestic Demand

After years of development of CTP technology, maturing technology and quality, and is currently in the massive machine and universal stage. Inkjet CTP plate-making as compared to traditional printing process, eliminating the need for film, artificial make-up, print and dirty process, the entire pre-press process is digital workflow, improves the speed and quality, eliminating the need for film prices, really bring down costs. A CTP system for the packaging printing based on packaging and printing enterprises to solve a series of problems that may arise, and to meet the needs of packaging and printing enterprise. CTP technology into packaging printing enterprise, need solution good following problem: packaging printing Qian customer file of check, and spell big version and stuck printing, for foreign of customer file, for complex diverse of making software version and the variety processing effect, will to printing Qian output brings errors opportunities, need process system has variety errors check mechanism, will errors of possibilities and to enterprise brings of loss down to minimum. While packaging enterprises in the traditional production process, checking traps, hand-made by hand is time-consuming and inefficient.