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Development Background Of CTP Plate

As a new green environmental printing-flexo printing (especially in the domestic flexo printing) in this field, how does the CTP technology apply? We know that in recent years, Flexo printing technology has made considerable progress, not only experienced from the toxic "aniline printing" to green environmental printing changes, while the quality of flexographic printing is comparable to offset printing and gravure printing.CTP Plate

Many large-scale printing plants in China have long noticed the development prospects of flexo printing, including the introduction of foreign advanced printing equipment companies. But for a long time, whether the source of business or the quality of printed matter can not be achieved, mainly concentrated in the low-grade carton and the requirements of the packaging printing, which, the domestic Seihan industry can not provide high-quality printing plate can be considered as the main factor.CTP Plate As is known to all, Flexo printing is a branch of letterpress, the plate used for polymer resin materials, with a certain degree of elasticity, from the printing plate of the three-dimensional structure, after the light polymerization and after the process of the plate on the "graphics and text part" convex, "Non-verbal and visual parts" concave in, printing, the convex part of the transfer of ink formation patterns, The recessed part is blank area. Compared to letterpress, Flexo hardness is relatively low, lower hardness can increase the printing process in the field part of the inking, so that the field part appears very thick.CTP Plate

Because the traditional flexo printing in the film in the process due to vacuum and ultraviolet light multiple reflection, resulting in the Seihan process in the presence of a certain dot expansion, both of the dot enlargement (Seihan process and printing process in the double expansion) will usually make the traditional flexo printing dot enlargement in the middle part of the $number, Even the high light and darkened parts also reach $number. Imagine, such a large dot enlargement value will make the image of the various levels of loss how much! It is no wonder that Seihan factory can not provide high-quality printing plate, resulting in even the printing machine is good, and can not print high-quality products.CTP Plate