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Drying Problem Of Green Offset Printing Ink

Whether it is a general offset printing ink or bright fast dry ink, there is a problem of improving drying. Ink drying refers to the ink printed on the paper, due to the absorption of paper and the volatile ink solvent, so that the ink solid on the surface of the paper, without strong embossing or friction will not be on the back of the paper sticky performance.

Ink drying and ink manufacturing process technology and formula, but also with the printing equipment and printing technology.Green Offset Printing Ink Most of China's offset printing inks using rosin modified phenolic resin as the main binders, commonly used bisphenol A and P-tert-butyl phenol technology routes. In recent years, the use of the technology of phenol or phenyl phenol to improve the release of mineral oil, thereby improving the retention of ink. Because the initial solidification drying time of the ink shorten, it also shortens the later period of oxidation of conjunctival drying time. In addition, in environmental protection, the use of aromatics-free or less aromatic solvents to reduce the harm to the human body, and this solvent on the ink solid drying has a clear accelerated role.Green Offset Printing Ink

Now the ink manufacturing process to use a lot of additives, these auxiliaries can not only improve the speed of the ink, but also promote the oxidation and cross-linking in the later stage, in favor of improving the gloss and fastness of ink film. At present, the use of a small number of cross-linking agents and promotional agents, so that the past single oxidation of conjunctival effect improved many, many ink factory introduced foreign advanced additives varieties. Offset printing ink Another product-not conjunctival inks in the use of the process can be guaranteed within 48 hours (individual manufacturers do not reach) in the rollers do not crust, intermediate downtime also does not affect the printing quality, and does not affect the ink retention drying time, also does not affect the late oxidation of conjunctival drying effect, reduce the waste of cleaning inks, saving ink, Now it's a mature technology.Green Offset Printing Ink