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Green Offset Printing Ink Main Gap

            Offset printing is the most important printing method at present, which is characterized by the need to use fountain solution in the process of printing, so offsctdruckereien ink requirements have a very good water resistance. Offset ink In the past is mainly linseed oil and other vegetable oils, now most have been better performance of various resins replaced, the common resin has rosin-modified phenolic resin, alkyd resins and polyurethane alkyd resin.Green Offset Printing Ink

            Environmentally friendly offset printing ink. At present, most of the printing industry in China is faced with a great deal of environmental pressure, because most of the ink used in printing contains organic solvents (compared with solvent-based inks, offset printing inks in less organic solvents), volatile organic solvents and emissions will cause environmental pollution. In addition, the ink contains lead, chromium, cadmium, mercury, arsenic, barium and other harmful heavy metal elements, the human body and the environment will cause great harm. Therefore, from the environmental protection and health perspective, more and more users in the purchase of ink will be low toxicity, environmental protection, pollution-free as an important condition. In China, environment-friendly offset printing ink research and development is still subject to many factors, but for the Chinese ink industry, the ultimate realization and promotion of green ink is the development goal and the ultimate pursuit.Green Offset Printing Ink

           Water-free offset printing ink. No water offsctdruckereien do not use fountain solution, can be said to make a great contribution to environmental protection, is expected to nearly two years without water offsctdruckereien in light paper printing should have a better space for development. But the water-free offsctdruckereien ink in the actual printing process by the environmental temperature is larger, easy to dirty, but also need special water-free offset printing equipment. In addition, because no water offsctdruckereien plate more expensive notebook printing, in the domestic application and promotion by a certain limit, development is slow.Green Offset Printing Ink