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Green Offset Printing Ink Market Development

     is the color of the digital language in a unified and clearly described, for the packaging printing industry and ink manufacturing provides a convenient, fast color scheme and colour standards. The world's ink industry developed countries, packaging, publishing and printing ink color has been widely used in uniform spot color standards, both user-friendly and stable quality. The rapid development of packaging printing industry has put forward new requirements for color design, so it is very important to ensure the consistency and stability of printing batch color.Green Offset Printing Ink
     To cater for the development of the market, ink manufacturers and packaging printing enterprises need to spot-color inks, the basic characteristics of the allocation method, and should be proficient in the application to meet the market for packaging and decorating print color requirements, so that our customers and enterprises in the fierce market competition in the lead, and constantly expand market share. Green Offset Printing Ink
     At present, the domestic major ink production of sheet-fed offset printing ink is generally divided into resin offset printing inks and bright fast-curing resin offset printing inks. As a result of various manufacturers formula design, resulting in different color concentrations of ink, but also because of the manufacturer's sales area and the differences in the use of custom, and there is no uniform color standard, although the color is complete, but the ink concentration varies.Green Offset Printing Ink
     Offsctdruckereien ink drying is mainly fixed drying and oxidation of conjunctival drying two ways. Fixed drying is generally known as initial drying, refers to ink transfer to the paper after the printed parts are not glued to each other, the time consumed is called the initial drying time. Oxidative conjunctival drying refers to from the beginning of the ink dry to thoroughly dry, ink film from colloid to solid chemical change process, the time consumed is called the oxidation of conjunctival drying time. Green Offset Printing Ink
     The drying rate of the two drying methods is directly related to the formulation design of the ink. Basic color ink can also be based on the ink absorption and smoothness of the surface adjustment ink viscosity, liquidity and drying. The control of drying is mainly using organic acid salt to regulate the ink, the bottom drying speed, at the same time, can also use phenolic antioxidant made of skin ink.Green Offset Printing Ink