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Green Offset Printing Ink Selection

Ink as the most important kind of information reproduction of printed materials, in the printing process should have a good printability. Offset printing ink is mainly composed of colored pigments (dyes, etc.), connecting materials, fillers and additives and other substances, in the preparation of the printing requirements according to a certain proportion of mixing and rolling made by rolling process.Green Offset Printing Ink

Pigment is not only soluble in water, do not dissolve in oil or link material, with a certain color of solid powder material, including inorganic pigments and organic pigments two categories. It is not only the main component of the ink in the ink, but also printed on the object visible chromosome part. To a large extent determine the color of ink, thick thick, light and other properties. At present, the black pigment used in printing ink is mostly inorganic (such as carbon black), and color ink mostly organic pigments.Green Offset Printing Ink

Offset printing ink can be divided into one sheet offset printing ink and rotary offset printing ink. According to the drying method, it can be divided into permeated offset printing ink, thermosetting offset printing ink, light curing (UV / EB) offset printing ink and Printing iron offset printing ink. Green Offset Printing Ink

Different types of inks have different printability and use.Green Offset Printing Ink

Thermo-solid ink: In the modern commercial web offset press, the latter part of the printing device to increase the drying device, in order to adapt to this production conditions using thermosetting ink, the ink in the drying device, the ink Solvent evaporation so that the ink film can be quickly dried, hot-solid ink in the dry oil (such as linseed oil) less content. While the oil content is more, the other ingredients and single-sheet offset printing machine ink slightly the same, then use the thermosetting ink used in paper than the penetration of dry ink use paper quality is better.Green Offset Printing Ink