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Green Offset Printing Ink Using A Small Detail

What are the small details of green offset printing inks?

Green Offset Printing Ink In winter and spring season, the place to keep the ink, its temperature is about 20 ℃. Otherwise, the viscosity of the ink will vary greatly due to temperature, in winter inks are generally not directly used.

When adding new ink to ink fountain, it is necessary to stir with the Chen Mo in ink fountain. Because the ink fountain Chen Mo through the continuous extrusion of ink fountain Roller, its liquidity is very good, the lower ink is smoother, ink transfer is also more evenly, and the new ink because of liquidity is not very good, will cause the color of the printing product changes significantly.

Green Offset Printing Ink Ink fountain ink by the oxidation of the air easily knot skin, to often flip, to prevent printing ink, ink residue.

Green Offset Printing Ink Allocate spot color ink to choose the closest to the original ink to adjust to minimize the number of inks, otherwise will increase the gray ink, reduce the brightness and color of the ink.

Green Offset Printing Ink When the ink excessively emulsifying, the ink viscosity will fall sharply, resulting in a few color groups to produce ink mixing, overprint rate drops, imprinted do not wait for failure. If it is to chase quadrochromatic color, forced to increase the amount of ink, should pay attention to control the balance of ink, and strive to print color stability.

Green Offset Printing Ink Inking oil, to the additives and other additives to be targeted, and should not exceed 5%, otherwise will cause greasy, dirty version, color saturation decline, imprinted matte, ink layer drying and slow.

Green Offset Printing Ink Ink drying speed and fountain solution ph value, printing pressure, paper characteristics, environmental temperature and humidity relationship is very large, but also with the ink emulsification degree, ink layer thickness and ink itself quality, drying, and so closely related. When the ink drying is too slow, there must be a comprehensive analysis of various factors, targeted measures to ensure the drying speed of ink, must not simply increase the amount of powder spray, otherwise affect the quality of printing.

Green Offset Printing Ink Ink balance control is a dynamic process, to observe the ground. Machine speed, temperature change, the size of the text, the different types of paper, and so on, will make the ink balance of the state can not stabilize, printing presses to monitor the printing situation in real time, the water, inking the amount of flexible adjustments.