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Hollow Plate For Environmentally-friendly Building Materials To Reduce Pollution Prevention And Static Ageing Reactor

PP hollow Board is a kind of green materials are widely used abroad, in China has just begun, and replace part of the corrugated packaging materials, some domestic companies are now developing as a decorative building materials! PP hollow Board because of its wide application, easy to use, also known as Beijing vantone, whose background is widely used in advertising, stationery material, industrial packaging, shock and other products, our most common container, removable baffles in the combo box, packing of finished products, as well as the box and so on. Hollow Board General used environmental no pollution can recycling thermoplastic polypropylene (PP), and polyethylene (HDPE) resin and various accessories making and into, addition has a poly carbonate ester (PC) hollow Board, and said Sun Board, glass Kapron Board, and PC hollow Board, is to high performance of engineering plastics PC resin processing and into, has transparency high, and quality light, and anti-impact, and noise, and insulation, and difficult burning, and anti-aging, features, is a hi-tech, and integrated can extremely excellence, and energy-saving environmental type plastic plate, Is the internationally popular plastic building materials.