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How To Adjust The Suitability Of Each Component Of Printing Ink

Printing ink is pigment, binder, filler and other ingredients are mixed and composed of slurry colloid. As a viscous fluid ink, because of its different varieties of different performance, that is, thick and thin points, the difference between the strength of the difference, fast dry and slow dry, and so on. Printing Ink

Therefore, the correct understanding and understanding of the composition of ink in the role of ink, for the accurate adjustment of ink characteristics, to meet the various printing conditions of the character, improve product quality printing is of great significance.Printing Ink

The role of the pigment in the ink is obvious, its color determines the hue of the ink; its size determines the amount of ink; its use to the ink with a certain consistency and other physical properties; its use to a certain extent Ink drying, oxidation and drying of the main ink performance was particularly prominent.Printing Ink

In addition, the durability of the ink in all respects is also determined by the pigment. Therefore, due to different varieties of ink, the use of different pigments are also different, which requires printing should be based on product use, process characteristics of the selection of appropriate ink, such as high-speed multi-color printing machine packaging products should use light , Fast solid, wear characteristics of the ink to ensure the printing quality.Printing Ink

If the fabric preparation or production process is not appropriate, ink printing not only the lack of bright, shiny and good color, but also lead to paste version, rub dirty, transparent, pull the paper and no ink and other chain quality failure, to the normal printing Bring some obstacles. Thus, the linker is a factor that has a large impact on the quality of the ink.Printing Ink