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Introduction Of Different Classification Of Green Offset Printing Ink

      According to the printing machinery classification: Can be divided into sheet-fed offset printing ink and rotary offset printing ink, different print machines and different substrate on the choice of offset printing inks. Web offset printing presses with ink, web offset printing presses used by the ink is usually called offset rotary inks, this ink base duty for the following two types: A. Infiltration of dry type: Because in the use of newsprint, offset paper web offset printing presses high speed, ink drying speed, so commonly used in the leakage of ink for the infiltration of dry type. b.Green Offset Printing Ink
     Hot-Solid ink: In the modern trade web offset press, the second half of the printing device to increase the drying device, in order to adapt to the production of the premise of the use of hot-solid inks, this ink in the drying device heating, ink solvent evaporation so that the ink film can be quickly dry, hot-solid inks in the drying (such as linseed oil) less content. And the content of the petroleum agent is more, other components and sheet-fed offset printing ink slightly, then use the hot-solid ink paper than osmotic exudation drying inks used paper quality better.Green Offset Printing Ink
     Offsctdruckereien resin inks using synthetic resin, dry vegetable oil, mineral oil, high-quality pigments and fillers, through the provision of grinding. Offsctdruckereien resin ink is characterized by a small amount of vegetable oil, solvent ratio is high, usually high boiling point alkane, it plays a role in the ink viscosity. When the ink transfer to the paper, this sector solvent quickly in the capillary effect of the infiltration of paper fiber, speed up the ink drying speed, reduce the printing rubbing dirty fault.Green Offset Printing Ink
     In Offsctdruckereien in the use of UV inks for printing, commonly known as UV offset. UV Offset Printing ink is the use of ultraviolet (UV) radiation energy, so that the liquid chemical substances through the rapid crosslinking to solidify into ink film a class of inks. It requires a UV-curable unit in the printing press. UV Offset printing ink as a kind of offsctdruckereien, it must first be able to offsctdruckereien the way to print, so UV offset printing ink should have a common offsctdruckereien ink has some characteristics to meet the requirements of printability.Green Offset Printing Ink
    In the absence of UV offset press, the use of the usual four-color printing press paper jam, synthetic paper and other inks in the substrate surface is not easy drying of special papers, you need to use Offsctdruckereien synthetic paper inks, this ink is used to print a variety of synthetic paper (Gold card paper, silver cardboard, aluminum foil paper, special paper) and other non absorbent printing substrate, the ink in the print has a fast drying, adhesion of good characteristics. Because this ink drying speed is very fast, so in the printing process, should be in time to clean up the cots on the ink, to prevent ink crusts dry.Green Offset Printing Ink