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Introduction To The Main Classification Of Green Offset Printing Ink

    Offset printing is the most important printing method, which is characterized in the printing process requires the use of fountain solution, so offset printing ink requires a good water resistance. In the past, offset materials such as linseed oil and other vegetable oil, and now most of the performance has been better replaced by a variety of resins, common resin rosin modified phenolic resin, alkyd resin and polyurethane alkyd resin. Offset inks are sorted in different ways.Green Offset Printing Ink First, according to the classification of substrates According to the chemical name of the substrate can be divided into: polyethylene, polypropylene (non-polar) ink. Polyvinyl chloride, polystyrene, ABS polycarbonate (polar) ink.Green Offset Printing Ink According to the shape of the substrate can be divided into soft plastic ink and hard plastic ink. Second, according to the classification of printing machinery According to the printing machinery, can be divided into sheet-fed offset printing ink and rotary offset printing ink; different printing machinery and different substrates on the choice of offset ink. The ink used in the web offset printing press is the usual offset printing ink, which is of the following two types:Green Offset Printing Ink Seepage and drying type: Because in the use of newsprint, offset printing paper offset printing presses higher speed, ink drying speed, so the commonly used ink for osmotic dripping dry type.Green Offset Printing Ink

Thermo-solid ink: In the modern trade roll offset printing press, the latter part of the printing device to increase the drying device, in order to adapt to this production premise using thermosetting ink, the ink in the drying device heating, Solvent evaporation so that the ink can be quickly dried, thermosetting ink in the dry oil (such as linseed oil) less content. And the oil content is more, the other ingredients and single-sheet offset printing machine ink slightly the same, then use the thermosetting ink used in the paper than the infiltration of dry ink ink quality is better.Green Offset Printing Ink