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Machine Shell Vacuum Forming Technology Of Chassis

   Hot room zinc die-casting of the basic characteristics and the gas caused by the phenomenon of bad products, zinc alloy for die-casting is usually mainly zinc added to the amount of aluminum and copper, aluminum is added to improve the strength and impact toughness of the alloy; Is to further improve the hardness of the alloy. Also often add a small amount of magnesium. Because of its low melting point, widely used to produce cars, bathroom, home, decoration and safety products such as selection.Machine Shell Vacuum Forming

    Die casting products are as follows:Machine Shell Vacuum Forming

1. Smooth surface smooth, can reduce the cost of re-processing, casting cost low:

2. Easy to make thin wall or require a variety of stable casting

3. Suitable for geometric shapes of highly complex castings

4. Castings with ductility requirements

5. Can produce castings with impact resistance requirements

6. After machining requirements without flaws Machine Shell Vacuum Forming

7. Easy to coat and coating Machine Shell Vacuum Forming

8. Product production cycle can be short of a number of pieces

9. Lower alloy temperatures, less melting costs

10. Extend die life Machine Shell Vacuum Forming

Casting the common gas caused by the phenomenon of bad goods, mainly due to molten liquid in the folder with hydrogen content, and cavity air and air flue gas generated, we generally common:

1. Mold filling is bad Machine Shell Vacuum Forming

2. Castings appear after processing porosity Machine Shell Vacuum Forming

3. Casting due to porosity caused by reduced ductility Machine Shell Vacuum Forming

4. Air tightness is not compliance, casting leakage

5. In the Teflon coating, chrome, dust and other processes in the bubble Machine Shell Vacuum Forming

6. Casting size is unstable and so on

 Regardless of whether the user and the manufacturing plant are sensitive to this nonperformity reaction, it will eventually result in an increase in the cost of the product and a loss of market competitiveness.Machine Shell Vacuum Forming