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Performance Analysis Of Gravure Printing Ink

Gravure printing is a variety of gravure inks used collectively. According to the Seihan method has gravure inks and gravure ink engraving; According to ink characteristics of water-based gravure ink, according to the ink characteristics of water-based gravure inks, alcohol gravure inks, benzene gravure inks, gasoline gravure inks, gravure plastic film inks (benzene-alcohol type), gravure composite plastic (cold composite, thermal composite) inks, Paper Gravure ink and film gravure printing ink, according to the printing press molecules have a platform gravure inks, gravure inks and so on.Printing Ink

All kinds of gravure printing inks used in the general term. Suitable for gravure printing of a class of inks, gravure in the layout of the graphic part of the ink, will not be part of the ink wipe or scrape clean, and then print. There are carved gravure inks and gravure inks.Printing Ink

With polyurethane resin as the connection of gravure composite inks in the process of printing easily paste version, not color, dirty version, sticky press roller, ink change coarse viscosity and liquidity change a series of printing failures. The reason is that the solvent volatilization of ink in printing process is a key problem. As a result of butyl ketone and other true solvents volatile too fast, resulting in polyurethane resin precipitation, pigment flocculation, resulting in a series of printing failure.Printing Ink

Viscosity changed. Because of volatile solvents, ink viscosity gradually increased. When the ink changes to a certain extent, the operator will be in accordance with a specified proportion of the ink to add thinner, the purpose is to adjust the viscosity and volatile speed. Adjust the viscidity of the ink can be controlled by the Viscosity Cup, can achieve the consistency before and after. But the volatile speed and solubility performance is different, because the added diluent in the proportion of each component is different from the volatile solvent ratio, so the ink volatile speed and solubility can not be achieved before and after the same, the ink mixture and solvents on the dissolution of the resin has changed.Printing Ink