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Plastic Turnover Box Height Industry Develop Innovative Quality Products Quickly

1-November of last year, total output of 49.2105 million tons of plastic products in China, an increase of 21.11%. According to the customs statistics, last year 1-September, major commodity plastics industry today customs import and export value of US $37.338 billion, up 12.92% from a year earlier. 1-September plastics products exports were 8.6571 million tons, 11.146 million tons in the same period last year compared with 22.32%, but exports of 24.989 billion dollars, plastic box 15.58% more than 21.621 billion dollars in the same period last year. These statistics on the one hand reflects the current situation of exports drop and inflation also reflects the continued growth of domestic demand. Plastic Tote boxes, foldable turnover case, anti-static plastic box ... ... All kinds of crates filled the entire industry, countless manufacturers pulled out all the stops to develop, sell products, strive in the fierce competition in the industry as a whole Gets a piece of the action.