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Printing Ink Control Method

                In the printing process, no matter what way printing, or multi-color or monochrome printing, printing before the first problem is the deployment of ink color, so often to choose ink color and deployment. The distribution of ink color is the most important part of printing, the true color reproduction or not directly affect product quality and market share, in some of the scale of enterprises, not only have a dedicated division, and should be the best to make customer satisfaction.Printing Ink

                In the ink-jet printing, in order to ensure the results, the printing ink parameters must be more appropriate control, water-based ink as an example, the printing conditions under the control of the following several: 1. Surface tension (30~60dyne/cm). The micro-piezoelectric ink-jet system has low requirement on surface tension, and the bubble ink-jet system has higher requirements on surface tension. 2. Drying speed is just right. Too fast to plug ink jet head or broken ink, too slow to spread easily, so that the dot overlap seriously. 3. Retention period. The ink is manufactured from the factory to the consumer for a maximum of three months, usually one years, and the general ink stored for one years must be able to pass 0.2μm filters. 4. Thermal stability. For the bubble ink-jet system of dye thermal stability is better, because the bubble ink jet system inks to heat up to 400 ℃ high temperature, if the dye is not capable of high-temperature will be decomposed or discoloration. 5. In order not to block inkjet heads, you must pass the 0.2μm filter. 6. Sodium chloride content must be lower than 100ppm. Sodium chloride will cause the dye to settle down, and sodium chloride contains corrosive, especially in the bubble ink-jet system will easily corrode the nozzle, although the nozzle is made of titanium metal, but at high temperature will be corroded by sodium chloride. 7. With the effect of buffer. The ph value of the ink is stable, and some dyes are precipitated by changes in Ph. 8. Viscosity control (1~5CP). The micro-piezoelectric ink-jet system has higher viscosity requirement, and the bubble ink-jet system has lower viscosity requirement.Printing Ink