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Printing Performance Essentials Of UV Curing Ink And Varnish

Today's print requirements are becoming more complex, and many new processing techniques have emerged, so printers are looking for a printing method that can produce a variety of printing processes on the same product. Usually a printed matter rarely uses more than two printing processes to process, in order to achieve the stated purpose, in a single printing process at the same time to complete the processing of a variety of printing technology is the best solution. Therefore, in recent years, many kinds of printing process on-line combination of processing methods (hereinafter referred to as combinatorial printing) become very common. Because people will print and prepress processing as a holistic solution, the combination of printing methods are increasingly popular.UV Curing Ink And Varnish

Combination printing refers to the production line composed of various types of printing and finishing units. In the combination of printing can be mixed with flexo printing, screen printing, embossing, offset printing, gravure, hot stamping, cold stamping and indentation and other processes. In the most common combination of printing units usually include silk screen, Flexo printing, embossing and hot stamping and other units.UV Curing Ink And Varnish

The development of inks, especially UV curable inks, has become one of the main factors to promote the development of printing technology. It promotes the growth of market demand for combinatorial printing processes. UV curable ink since 20 before entering the market, has made significant progress in the screen printing industry has played a leading role in some cases, people are willing to adopt an ink curing process. So far, the quality and stability of UV curable inks have reached a very high level and easy to use, so in other printing technology has made a significant increase in the application.UV Curing Ink And Varnish UV inks do not contain volatile components, such as solvents or water, will not make the color and printing characteristics change. In the printing of UV ink easy to maintain the stability of color and viscosity, once in the printing ink before the adjustment, the printing presses on the adjustment work is very small, no need to add other additives. When printing halfway down, in the light roller and anilox roller ink will not dry. UV ink layer of the table to have a very high wear resistance and chemical stability, this is the label product is the main reason to use combination printing.UV Curing Ink And Varnish