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Printing Plate Precision Supply Device

           Provides a photosensitive composition for printing plates manufactured with excellent printability for a variety of printing fluids, as well as a printed photosensitive printed version of the original laminated body and a printing plate using the composition. At least containing adhesive resins, light polymerization monomer, as well as the photo polymerization initiator of the printed version of the manufacture of photosensitive compositions, as a binder resin and elastomer resin and terpene resin, on the basis of a variety of printing fluids, especially the printing fluid, such as orientation membrane liquid has excellent tolerance of photosensitive compositions.Printing Plate

           A printing plate precision supply device Having: a pallet having a flat surface for conveying a printing plate, recording drums, it is cylindrical and capable of winding and installing the printed version; The pallet is capable of using the printed version in a specified angle along with the said a parallel printing plate for the surface of the pallet is supplied to the recording drum conveying, and the specified angle is the angle formed by the printing plate supply plane and the horizontal level, and a plurality of locating pins are arranged on the recording drum. At least two dowel pins in the plurality of dowel pins are fixed in a straight line parallel to the rotating axis of the recording drum, the printing plate supply plane intersects the recording drum, and when the printed version is supplied to the recording drum, the line is positioned below the intersection line of the printed plate supply plane and the recording drum.Printing Plate

           A printing plate deformation control device is characterized in that it has a pallet, a flat front surface for conveying a printed version, and a hole formed along the upper and lower direction of the pallet, a cylindrical recording light drum is arranged on the recording light drum with a plurality of locating pins for locating the printed plate, and the suction cup is able to move up and down the tray in the hole and is used for placing on the pallet a printing plate for adsorption; where the locating pin is positioned in the position of the printed version, And, when the suction cup of the printed plate is removed from the upper end of the hole to move the constant travel volume to the lower side of the hole, the adsorption of the printed plate is lifted, the specified distance between the lower end of the printed version and the positioning pin of the recording light drum is as follows? 3mm~+3mm.Printing Plate