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Raw Material Reagents For Printing Ink

People's attention to the ink mostly stay in the color and rheological properties, and the current environmental appeal is more and more high, printing companies in production to strictly enforce environmental protection standards, therefore, printing raw materials supply chain on all links also produced a chain reaction. To eliminate the ink solvent system released VOC, printers began to seek new ink products, water-based ink is a new type of environmentally friendly printing materials, especially for tobacco, alcohol, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, children's toys and other sanitary conditions require strict packaging products, in the specific packaging market has a significant growth potential, Ink industry is the new direction of development.Printing Ink

water-based Plastic printing ink is characterized by non-toxic, tasteless, suitable for various types of gravure and rotary flexo printing process, the transfer and adhesion fastness; water-based ink is convenient to use, thinner for water and alcohol aqueous solution, printing ink layer gloss is high, with good transparency, water resistance and weather resistance. In order to test the printability of water-based plastic composite printing inks, the paper uses pet film, PE film, BOPP film and other substrate materials.Printing Ink water-based Ink Preparation According to the formula to accurately weigh the raw materials, stir evenly into the sand mill evenly dispersed, until the fineness of qualified, gradually add water grinding to fineness to meet the requirements of the index, the addition of emulsion can be expected. The main ingredient of the binders is the resin, which is the heart of water-based inks. Ink viscosity, gloss, water resistance, drying, mobility, transfer and retention of the performance mainly by the binders, ink resistance to acid, alkali resistance and solvent resistance and other properties with a certain relationship, so the development of ink is the focus of ink on the development of binders.Printing Ink

The important index of choosing water-soluble resin is molecular weight (Mw) and acid value (AV), which is the most important in molecular weight. With high solids content of low molecular weight resin, you can make ink with a higher gloss, reduce water evaporation, speed up drying. High acid value resin in the ink of high solubility, can improve the wettability of pigments, but will reduce the wet wear resistance. Low acid value resins have good alkali resistance and detergent resistance, but the dispersion and solubility of pigments are poor.Printing Ink