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Silver-SALT CTP Plate

           The silver halide CTP plate mainly includes the silver Salt diffusion transfer version and the Silver Salt and the PS version compound plate type material two kinds.CTP Plate

           The Silver Salt diffusion transfer version is mainly composed of a plate base, a silver salt emulsion layer and a physical developing core layer. It uses diffusion transfer imaging technology, the principle is the Silver salt version of the exposure of the laser scanning, in the developering containing the silver halide solvent, AG and silver halide solvent complex diffusion to the image receiving layer, in the catalysis of the physical development nucleus to restore metal silver, deposited on the body surface to form silver image. After the end of the development, the silver halide emulsion layer is washed and removed, exposing the hydrophilic sand mesh and image area in the non image area, and selecting adsorbed on the deposited silver surface by the long aliphatic chain organic molecule with sulfhydryl, which makes the image area lipophilic. Results The deposited silver image began to accept the ink and reject the water, but not the image part (no silver deposition) still rejects the ink, and then achieves the computer direct plate-making goal.CTP Plate

            Silver Salt and PS version of composite plate mainly by the high sensitivity of the silver Salt emulsion layer and wide color range of PS plate compound. A photosensitive polymer layer, a bonding layer and a silver halide emulsion layer are coated on the aluminum base of the coarse and the cationic polarization. The imaging principle is that the first exposure to the silver salt layer by laser, the formation of a silver image in the resin layer, so that in two exposures can protect the following photosensitive layer. Once developed, will not be exposed parts of the emulsion layer dissolved, and then two exposures, that is, with UV light on the entire layout of exposure. Because the image layer has a shielding effect on illumination, therefore, UV light is only part of the photo-decomposition photosensitive resin layer exposure, after two times development, two exposure of the resin layer is dissolved, exposing the alumina version of the base, and finally with the solid version of the silver image layer of the treatment can be processed.CTP Plate