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Talking About PS Plate And CTP Plate

  Compared to the PS version, CTP plate types and varieties more, now CTP market, the largest sales of three kinds of CTP technology are silver salt, heat and purple laser, the use of these technologies to produce the plate for the silver salt Version, thermal version and photopolymerization version, while others are CTcP and spray mask type plate. The following describes the characteristics of the three mainstream media.CTP Plate

1, silver salt version

CTP technology early application of the main application of photosensitive technology, that is, through the laser scanning of the media on the exposure of light to achieve the purpose of computer-to-plate. At that time, although the photosensitive plate is different, the photographic mechanism is not the same, but the core photographic materials are silver halide. Therefore, this generation of CTP can be collectively referred to as silver salt version. Silver salt version of the biggest advantage is the speed of light. So far, the silver version is still the fastest speed of the plate, whether it is heat or thick purple plate laser polymerization plate, in terms of speed than the silver version.

Silver salt plate is divided into the upper diffusion plate, down the proliferation of media and silver salt and PS version of the three types of media:CTP Plate

Photosensitive materials, so it has been expensive. Second, the silver version of the printability is not very good, resistance to India there are some problems, there are certain requirements on the ink. Third, the silver salt version of the high sensitivity of the speed is in the darkroom operation as the premise of the requirements of the next, and the preservation of the plate must be strictly dark, as long as any one of the wrong, will cause the media scrapped, special environment Requirements to the plate work to bring great difficulty. Finally, environmental issues, silver salt version of the development process will bring toxic waste, the environment pollution. At present, there are still some companies in the use of silver version, but its application has become increasingly narrow.CTP Plate

The heat-sensitive coating is composed of a temperature-sensitive polymer or ablative layer, mainly sensitive to infrared laser light of 800nm ~ 850nm. When the temperature does not reach the critical value, the plate will not react, and when the temperature exceeds the critical value , The dot size and shape will not be affected. So it can produce a clean, clear edge of the network, the basic network does not occur to expand and shrink, the industry used to make fine line number. Thermal plate-making machine mainly used outside the drum structure, the general plate speed of about 12 to 24 four open version / hour. Thermal compatibility of the plate is relatively good, can accommodate a variety of plates. In addition, the thermal version can also be baked to improve the printing rate, for long printing or using UV ink printing. So thermal technology is more suitable for use in the field of commercial printing.CTP Plate

Thermal computer direct plate-making technology can be roughly divided into two categories, the following describes two kinds of thermal plate:

(1) thermal melting type

(2) thermal crosslinking type

(3) photosensitive version

The photopolymerizable sheet is usually composed of an aluminum plate, a photosensitive layer and a surface layer. The photopolymerizable layer is mainly composed of a polymerized monomer, an initiator, a spectral sensitizer and a film-forming resin. In general, the initiator is a multi-initiator system with high quantum efficiency. The effect of the spectral sensitizer is to effectively extend the photographic range of the initiator to the light emitting wavelength region of the laser.