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The Appearance Of CTP Plate Cleaning Work

     Clean the outer surface of the output device to protect the appearance and surface finish to ensure that visual indications and markings are clearly visible. More importantly, regular cleaning reduces the dust that may fall into the device when removing or opening the overhaul panel. The easiest area to accumulate dust is the fan box panel, the Power box panel, the front and top panel, and the printing plate in and out of the output device. Reliable, high-quality output requirements to maintain the external surface of the output equipment clean.CTP Plate

     Cleaning recommends cleaning the outer surface of the output device before all inspection panel seams are evacuated to remove all accumulated dust. If the surface is often wiped clean with a dry cloth and the environment is relatively dry and free of steam, it may be sufficient to do so. For more thorough cleaning, use a cloth soaked in water and a mild detergent.   

  Wipe off all remaining detergents thoroughly with a clean damp cloth. (Warning: Do not allow water or other liquids to flow freely into the output device.) This can lead to electric shocks, causing serious injuries and damaging the output device. )CTP Plate

    To position the image to the edge of the plate, the output device uses an edge detection algorithm. The algorithm relies on a 741-millimeter (29.2-inch) black reflection-free test strip placed on the surface of the imaging drum inside the output device, which is located on the imaging drum surface next to the inner and front-edge pressure block of the output device. 

The edge detection bar must be cleaned every one months to avoid edge detection errors.CTP Plate

    Stamping machine Maintenance, keep the surface of the stamping machine clean, one day on the surface of the machine surface maintenance. Internal maintenance in the case of the development of the development trough, sink, glue groove and glue stick to rinse. Replace the core.CTP Plate