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The Characteristics Of PS And CTCP Plate

             CTCP has many advantages, the most obvious is to improve production efficiency, save time and reduce production costs. However, the extent to which ctcp can reflect the advantages, but also with the printing company's mastery of digital technology. From the traditional Seihan to computer direct plate making, there are many important factors in time and cost.PS And CTCP Plate

             CTCP system using 360nm~450nm UV light exposure, means that the direct plate process can be used in the regular PS version, this is the printing factory used many years of printing plate, familiar with its performance and processing processes, technology mature, and PS version of the specific heat sensitive CTP plate, violet laser plate cheaper; At the same time, PS version of the world's printing industry is the most used printing plate. If the printing enterprises use CTCP then no longer need to train the printing staff, because they are more familiar with the performance of this plate.PS And CTCP Plate

             In the workshop, because CTCP uses the conventional PS plate, therefore does not need to add the new equipment and buys the new chemical medicine, all is according to the traditional PS plate plate-making craft to carry on the work. At the same time, CTCP equipment maintenance costs are low, because the CTCP system using UV light for exposure imaging, can directly use the traditional printer on the light source. In addition, all the operations on the printing plate can be operated in a bright indoor environment, so staff can easily bask in a variety of sizes of the printing plate.PS And CTCP Plate

             CTCP system inherits the advantages of CTP-No output film, the same can be achieved by computer direct plate-making. This can save the film material and rinse processing materials, saving the manual imposition of time. CTCP users do not produce film, print quality has significantly improved, because the image and Dot is not affected by traditional prepress process of those quality attenuation. After the print version of the better quality, because the film dust, scratches and other factors have not existed, and positioning more accurate.PS And CTCP Plate