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The Development Prospect Of Plastic Tray

    2006 China's pallet market, the domestic tray manufacturing enterprises to large-scale development, and gradually began to attach importance to new technologies, new materials, new technology development and utilization. At the same time some foreign large and medium-sized tray manufacturing enterprises also stepped up in China's construction and strategic layout. Some internationally renowned pallet utility systems companies and pallet leasing companies have also started strategic layout and pre-business development in key cities in China. At the same time, by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Pallet Professional Committee led the Chinese pallet public system is also in full swing in the preparatory work. Is expected to begin in the first half of 2007 substantive business operations. Wood pallets still dominate

    China's pallets market in 2006 to maintain the overall trend of the previous year, wooden pallets in the market share is still dominant, other materials, the secondary position of the tray. But the entire wooden pallets manufacturers are facing a serious problem, that is, the source of raw materials and raw material prices rose sharply. Comprehensive large and medium-sized wooden pallets enterprise situation, the vast majority of enterprises generally feel greater market demand, but the raw material supply can not keep up, affecting the stability of the development of enterprises. In view of this situation, the large and medium-sized enterprises in the gradual change in business. Began to plan to give up part of the low-end market, instead vigorously develop the high-end market. At the same time some companies began to target the production of new product development, such as the plate-type tray box and other relatively high value-added products.Plastic Tray

    This year the wooden pallets will maintain the pattern of production last year. The price of wood raw materials is expected to remain in the upward trend in 2006, so the wooden pallets manufacturing enterprises should be in the value-added products and product differentiation to do more efforts. Some large and medium-sized enterprises will further open the differentiated services, staggered market disorderly competition.Plastic Tray

    Continued high growth in plastic pallets 2006 plastic pallets continue to maintain a high growth rate. China Logistics and Purchasing Federation Pallet Professional Committee statistics show that China's pallets are not less than 20 million / year or so the rate of increase, of which about 8% of plastic pallets. 2006 by the tobacco and pharmaceutical industry-led plastic tray new technology --- plastic tray built-in steel insert technology, in the entire plastic tray manufacturing enterprises widely used. Which led to the whole industry upgrading of products and major technological innovation.

    In recent years, the average rate of renewal and growth rates for plastic pallets has remained at around 20%, with the number of plastic pallets used in petrochemicals, tobacco, food, medicine and transportation increasing. On the current domestic production capacity of plastic pallets, 5 years to 10 years before the basic balance of supply and demand. Therefore, the plastic tray in China is in a period of rapid growth.Plastic Tray

    2007 will be a year of rapid development of plastic pallets. Protection of the environment, to plastic and wood and domestic and international logistics industry for the development of plastic tray provides a huge market and business opportunities. With the development of science and technology, plastic tray production with raw materials, technology, etc. will also be developed. As the advantages of the use of plastic pallets in the use and performance more and more recognized by the user, the plastic tray to replace the wooden tray to become the leading product of logistics has become the inevitable trend of future development. Plastic Tray