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The Future Development Of UV Curing Ink And Varnish

     UV paint is UV-curable paint, also known as light-induced coatings, light curing coatings. UV paint has no volatile organic compounds (VOC), small environmental pollution, fast curing, energy saving, curing products good performance, suitable for high-speed automatic production and so on. UV coating is the main substitute for traditional coatings. Traditional coatings are volatile and slow in curing, which is not conducive to environmental protection.UV Curing Ink And Varnish
     Compared with traditional hot-cured coatings, UV paint curing speed, high production efficiency, curing mechanism is a free radical chain reaction, crosslinking curing in an instant, the design of the production line can be up to 100m/min, the workpiece can be packaged, the use of UV coating efficiency is traditional drying coating more than 15 times times Energy saving, UV coating by UV curing, general production line energy consumption within 50kW, energy consumption of about 1/5 of the traditional drying-type heat-cured coatings. UV-cured crosslinking density is much higher than the heat-baking coating, so the coating in hardness, wear resistance, acid, salt mist, gasoline and other organic solvents in all aspects of the performance indicators are very high, especially its paint film fullness, luster is particularly prominent;UV Curing Ink And Varnish
     Compared with solvent-based paints, the energy used in UV paint is only about 1/5 of the former. UV paint at room temperature fast cold curing is also the characteristics of other coatings. Baking-type paints and powder coatings need to be heated after the coating, in order to promote volatile solvents and chemical crosslinking reaction, in contrast to this, UV paint greatly save energy. UV-curable coatings can be used effectively in ultraviolet light source, and because the curing speed is very fast, the efficiency of energy utilization is greatly enhanced.UV Curing Ink And Varnish
     UV Paint Coating process future development: To solve the roller coating UV products are difficult to achieve the light effect of technology and technology. Through the development of new paints and the application of new equipment, the performance of the roller coating is further improved in order to achieve the surface effect of PU topcoat. Solid Color UV paint roller coating and coating has been in some advanced factory applications, but still need to be perfected.UV Curing Ink And Varnish