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The Main Ingredient Additive Of Printing Ink

Printing ink in the process of printing, was transferred to the substrate imaging material. The ink is mainly composed of main agent and auxiliaries, and the main agent includes pigments and connecting materials. Commonly used pigments are: organic pigments, color-deposition pigments, inorganic pigments. Commonly used link materials are: Oil-type connectors, resin-bonded materials, organic solvents.Printing Ink

The additive of the ink includes the fluidity adjustment agent, the dryness adjustment agent, the tonal adjustment agent. The fluidity adjustment agent has: the annual adjustment agent, the adhesive adjustment agent, the dirty agent. Dry modifier has, desiccant, dry inhibitor. In the tonal adjustment agent has: The diluent, the color extraction agent.Printing Ink

The main component of the ink is composed of the above materials. We are printing in accordance with different printing requirements to deploy ink, ink configuration process is more complex, is generally pigments, binders and a variety of additives, in accordance with a certain proportion, first in the inking machine mixed into oil-like paste, and then in the roller mill or repeatedly rolling, so that the pigment with micro particles, Evenly dispersed in the binders. Printing InkOffsctdruckereien Ink is also divided into screen printing inks, Offsctdruckereien ink two categories, what are their ingredients?Printing Ink

With epoxy diacrylate mainly, such as poor adhesion, can be mixed with polyester double acrylic ester or polyurethane double acrylic ester. In the application, the active monomer which is often selected has three propylene glycol diacrylate and glycol diacrylate. Screen printing UV ink light initiator, often choose more than two kinds of mixed body, such as benzophenone, sulfur Miscellaneous anthracene ketone and benzoin ether class. In order to enhance the effect of light initiation, organic amine is often used as activator.Printing Ink