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The Scope Of Application Of Printing Inks

           Engraving gravure inks, thick-shaped offsctdruckereien ink, viscosity, small, hard standing and short, thick and sticky, oxidation polymerization drying. It is used for engraving gravure machine, printing the price card, stamp, etc. This ink due to the value of the printed materials, General ink Factory has not done.Printing Ink

           Gravure printing ink, (shadow write gravure printing ink), for printing paper, polyolefin film printing, suitable for gravure printing machine, rotary gravure printing machine, (monochrome, combined multicolor, satellite multicolor printing presses), the ink is divided into ordinary gravure printing inks, the main printing paper products, inks have benzene type inks, petrol-type inks, mixed solvent-based inks, water-soluble inks. Special gravure inks, the main printing paper outside the substrate, has printed celluloid inks, printing polyvinyl chloride inks, printed polyethylene, polypropylene film inks, printing woven bag inks, collectively referred to as plastic gravure inks. The main types of benzene-alcohol mixed-type inks, alcohol-soluble and water-based inks. Gravure inks can also be made of UV curing type, high gloss type.Printing Ink

            This kind of printing inks have a strong hydrophobicity, and acidic moist water contact with each other, will not cause emulsification. This type of ink used a acid, strong resistance to water-based pigments and binders, to prevent the pigment resistance can not be caused by the acid is not strong and discoloration or fade; Because Offsctdruckereien imprinted thin, the intensity of the color must be higher than the letterpress, and strive to make the pigment transfer rate to reach saturation.Printing Ink

           Ordinary Offsctdruckereien ink, resin offset printing inks to a variety of synthetic resin as the main binders, the effect is better than ink-type ink, especially luster, dry and transfer performance is much better. Oil-type Offset printing ink, is based on the polymerization of the HU-hemp material, is now rare. Both of the above are typical oxidation polymerization drying, used to print the general color pattern, posters and so on. The paper used is a common offset.Printing Ink