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The Technical Development Barrier Of CTP Plate

CTP technology has broken through the barrier of technological development, become a practical technology. However, the CTP technology does not like the PS version of the technology, can have a recognized system to do support, but since the date of birth, there are technical differences. So far, the CTP technology has no uniform standards, photosensitive, heat-sensitive work, and later there is ctcp mixed among them, a variety of technologies are in full swing to promote their own advantages, but also to minimize the potential of other technologies.CTP Plate

The user listens to also is confused: which kind of technology introduction lets the person sound to feel very reasonable, will become the development tendency, the result listens much, the user is actually more indefinite idea. Before discussing why CTP technology everyone agreed, but the promotion is not high, aside from the price of supplies, the concept of change, the construction of digital workflow, technology is not unified is an important reason. Here, we may have an objective analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of various technologies.CTP Plate By laser scanning, the photosensitive material on the plate is exposed, thus achieving the direct purpose of the computer. At that time, although the photosensitive plate system is different, photosensitive mechanism is not the same, but its core photosensitive materials are silver halide.CTP Plate 

Therefore, this generation of CTP can be collectively referred to as the Silver Salt version. Silver Salt version of the biggest advantage is the speed of the photosensitive. So far, the silver Salt version is still the fastest photographic plate, whether it is thermal plate or violet laser polymerization plate, in the speed is difficult to close.CTP Plate

Heat-sensitive technology is a big concept, and the way to achieve it is also varied. At present, the main thermal-sensitive CTP technology includes the thermal curing technology, the thermal decomposition technology and the free treatment heat-sensitive technology. The lasers used in these technologies are infrared lasers, but the imaging mechanism is different. Thermal curing technology is through the laser beam scanning, so that the photosensitive layer of the dot part of the light polymerization reaction, in the development process, the reaction of the photosensitive layer is insoluble, and not by the laser beam scanning of the photosensitive layer dissolved.CTP Plate