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Typesetting And Price Of PS And CTCP Plate

The production of any special plate is determined by a large-scale global market. Even in Europe, where labor costs are high, ordinary plates account for only about 50% of the market share. No CTP plate, can be like ordinary PS plate, such a large quantity.PS And CTCP Plate

CTP version will soon later than ordinary PS version cheaper, by then, CTcP will no longer be affordable, right? It has been around for 10 years, but it has not become a reality. Perhaps only a large plate manufacturers hope that the CTP plate can have a better market. In fact, even in today's Europe, ordinary PS version is still cheaper than CTP plate 30~50%, or even more.PS And CTCP Plate 

There is a fact: the CTP version has very complex production and quality control procedures, which determines that it will be much more expensive than the ordinary plate. (According to: CTP version of the base aluminum on the flatness and purity requirements are very high, only in this way, in order to ensure the CTP hub-type exposure of the movement accuracy and the quality of the base sand, some domestic production of the CTP version, poor quality, is more than domestic aluminum version of the reason for the lack of purity, and flatness can not achieve the product Shizhing. )PS And CTCP Plate

Because the normal PS version of the resolution for the vast majority of the data (in Europe is more than 95%) of the Offsctdruckereien live is very suitable. There is a fact: ctcp equipment using ordinary PS version can achieve very good seihan quality, you can accept the quality of film Seihan? CTCP Seihan quality is far better than film plate-making! Because CTP plate on scratches, chemical stamping liquid, heat, light and printing workflow more sensitive. At present in the market no one version of the material can be like the ordinary plate, stable, durable, reliable.PS And CTCP Plate