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Use Insulating Material What Are The Advantages Of

1, low cost, and first of all is the cost is lower than other materials, from imported materials to produce finished product delivery process saves a lot of cost. 2, material and light, use products made of hollow Board are very light in weight, the material is hollow in the Middle grid shape, easy to handle, can be placed at random. 3, environmental security, to know the eco-friendly materials in the world is concerned, PP hollow Board with features such as nontoxic, pollution-free, simple disposal, will not cause environmental pollution, and recycling, manufacture of other plastic products. 4, anti-static, conductive, fire-retardant, modifying, mixing, surface coating and other ways to make plastic hollow Board with antistatic, conductive, or fire-retardant properties. Very awesome feature, allows users to use the security upgrade in the process.