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UV Curing Ink And Varnish In Detail

    UV (UV curing) ink refers to the use of ultraviolet light, the use of different wavelengths and energy of ultraviolet light to the monomer in the ink polymerization polymer into the polymer, the ink film and dry ink. UV inks are also in the ink, as ink, they must have a bright color (except for special circumstances), good printability, suitable curing drying rate. At the same time have a good adhesion, and have wear, corrosion resistance, weather and other characteristics. UV ink is a kind of solvent without solvent, drying speed, good gloss, bright color, water resistance, solvent resistance, good wear resistance of the ink.UV Curing Ink And Varnish   UV ink has become a more mature ink technology, the pollutant emissions is almost zero. According to statistics, the annual output of UV ink in Japan about 16,000 tons, about 18,000 tons in Europe, North America, about 19,000 tons. It should be noted that UV inks in UV inks are a new direction for UV ink research. Since the viscosity of the prepolymers in conventional UV inks is generally large, dilution of the reactive diluent is required, and the diluent acrylic compounds currently used have varying degrees of skin irritation and toxicity, and therefore, in developing low viscosity prepolymers and Low toxicity diluent at the same time, another development direction is to study water-based UV ink, that is, water and ethanol as a diluent, water-based UV ink has been successfully developed, and in some printing enterprises have been applied.UV Curing Ink And Varnish   Varnish, also known as the legislature water, is composed of resin as the main film material and then add the paint composition. As the paint and coating are transparent, and therefore also known as transparent paint. Coated on the surface of the object, after drying to form a smooth film, showing the original surface texture. Varnish can be used for furniture, flooring, doors and windows and automotive painting. Can also be added to the pigment made of enamel, or added to the dye made of colored varnish. Also used to make enamel and impregnated electrical appliances, can also be used for fixed sketches, drafts, etc., from a certain anti-oxidation effect, to extend the painting of the preservation time. 1. Varnish generally contains the protection of ultraviolet radiation to reduce the function, as long as the varnish layer intact, it can effectively delay the aging paint. 2. The original used varnish materials are mainly high-temperature curing of the one-component paint: polyurethane or polyester, repair paint commonly used varnish materials are mainly natural curing two-component acrylic esters. 3. varnish beautiful, high gloss, but prone to scratches. If the car wash with a little hardened towel or suede to get the car, you will find hair scratches. 4. Varnish is more susceptible to environmental pollution than ordinary paint.UV Curing Ink And Varnish