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Work Flow Issues For Printing Plate

     Classification of the printed version: according to the lithographic plate-making method can be divided into protein version, polyvinyl alcohol gravure, multi-layer metal gravure, Diazo resin photosensitive version of the protein, specifically for the Yin Plate Seihan, is based on zinc plates, ammonium dichromate and protein (mainly eggs) as photosensitive film. For the photoptic version, can not be stored. Polyvinyl alcohol gravure, specially used for the plate-making, with zinc plate or aluminum plate as the base, heavy complexing ammonium and polyvinyl alcohol as photosensitive film. For the photoptic version, can not be stored. Multilayer metal gravure, by Lipophilic Copper as part of the basis of the text, and by the hydrophilic chromium or nickel as a blank part of the foundation, copper or aluminum plate as a version of the base, plated with chromium or nickel after plating, and then use the Sun plate Seihan method to make a printed version. For the photoptic version, can not be stored.Printing Plate
     Diazo resin photosensitive version (also known as PS version), is a diazo salt and phenolic resin synthesis photosensitive liquid, coated in the electrolysis and anodic oxidation treatment of aluminum plate and made, can be deposited for six months to one years, for the Yang Plate Seihan, both can be made of photosensitive version and can be made of prefabricated photosensitive version. Pulan or the bottom slab of the profile is often made into a tear film version (piece), it is coated with a resistance layer or photosensitive layer, can be carved and stripped or photosensitive after the removal of the special printing plate or film, the coating through the tear film, used for the production of map dye mask.Printing Plate
     Prepress work refers to the pre-press process, including typesetting imposition, color separations and other work. Its work is mainly to the computer in prepress operations used in the training of software, familiar with the basic work flow of printing technology, good graphics and image processing capabilities. At present, in the domestic prepress operations, there is a very serious problem: prepress operations personnel is basically not a printing professional; the students from the printing school basically don't know much about prepress. This creates a paradox: how to handle the operation of desktop systems and the combination of printing expertise. Printing Plate
     The first task for a designer who wants to move from a computer graphic design industry to a prepress operation is to take control of the printing expertise at all costs after exposure to pre-press work, otherwise it will be impossible to work. In order to help some of the first prepress production industry design staff, I based on previous personal work experience and experience, some beginners often encounter problems to carry out some simple induction, hoping to play a role. The character of the knowledge text is used to record and communicate the language of the writing symbol www. Baidu. com. Printing on the characters can be divided into words, fonts, font size and other content. 1, the font in the domestic printing industry, word types are mainly Chinese characters, foreign text, national characters and so on. Chinese characters include Arial, italics, blackbody, etc. The text can be divided into white and blackbody according to the character, or according to the shape of Roman, italic, flower body and so on. The national character refers to the text used by some ethnic minorities, such as Mongolian, Tibetan, Uighur, Korean, etc.