UV SILVER Solidified Metallic Silver Metal Effect, Color Density, High Transfer Density Ink

Product Details

UV SILVER Solidified metallic silver ink

UV SILVER offset UV curing silver ink, printing ink can be printed on all kinds of packaging products, paper carton, printing of different substrates, the final metal printing effect will be different, so the direct printing can also be printed with a layer of suitable pre coating on the substrate.
Metal effect, color density, high transfer density;
Stable printing machine, good printability;
Good curing, good adhesion;
Product performance:


Pigment content

16.0± 1.0%

Pigment size (D50) 1

6 ± 1.0μm



Pigment data; viscosity / 30°C /1min
Frictional resistance:
Metal UV silver ink is based on floating aluminum pigment ink, even when the ink layer is completely cured, it has only moderate or ordinary friction. In order to form a protective film, enhance the friction resistance, you can use UV cover light oil, but it will reduce the sense of metal.
Interlayer adhesion:
Floating aluminum pigments of the metal UV silver ink will produce poor adhesion between the layer, the light oil and the finishing process (such as composite) will reduce the sense of metal. We recommend testing before commercial production.
Recommended printing speed:
The maximum printing speed is determined by the printing conditions, the UV lamp, the base material and the product design, and the printing speed is more suitable for 12000 hours per hour.
Use matters needing attention:
The ink can be used directly on the machine, but due to the printing conditions, the environment and other differences, according to the actual situation, the use of matching with the additives.
FD -001 (diluent): add less than 3% per 2% add, change ink viscosity, liquidity will have a level.
Do not recommend adding additives, any change will affect the stability of the ink or optical properties, such as the need to add additives to be confirmed in advance.
Because of the different types of UV ink mixing, will affect the environmental protection and the use of ink performance, please do not mix.
Strongly recommended to dispose of ink cannot be used in the printing machine is back into the ink tank, because the fountain solution emulsified would react with the metal pigment powder gel, oxidation and even produce gas, can not guarantee its quality.
Storage and transportation:
Metal UV ink must be stored below 25 C. In the storage and transportation, high temperature and low temperature must be avoided, because it will affect the stability of the product, we recommend to keep the ink packing sealing and reduce unnecessary opening; printing ink is used, modified or not stored in the requirements of the situation, will not guarantee its shelf life.
Shelf life: 6 months

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